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Bolt is a kind of fastener, composed of head and screw with external thread of cylinder. It needs to work with nut for fastening to connect two parts with through holes, which is widely applied to various civil and industrial areas.

There are American Standard ASTM product, German Standard DIN product, British Standard BS product, Japanese Standard JIS product and International Standard GB product introduced by our company. This series of bolt and nut is processed by surface coating treatment, such as self color treatment, galvanization, Dacromet and so on, which can efficiently solve the problem of corrosion in use process.

In accordance with the shape of the head of bolt, our bolt can be classified into hex type, square head type, T type and U type and so on. According to usage, it can be also divided into heavy bolt, chemical pipeline, special bolt and carriage bolt series and more. Besides, considering the differences of material, our product falls into carbon steel bolt, alloy steel bolt and stainless steel bolt, etc. All of bolt we provided has the minimum specification of M6 and the maximum ones of M100, and we also offer nonstandard product to meet the special requirements of customers.